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Kick start your gym routine: Getting back into the groove

Kick start your gym routine: Getting back into the groove

24 August 20

With Lords and other gyms in Perth reopening post-COVID, there’s no better time to kick start your fitness routine. We understand that a long hiatus from the gym can leave you wondering how to get into the groove of working out again. After all, it takes a lot of effort to incorporate a fitness routine into your lifestyle after weeks or months of being away from the gym.

No matter the reason for your workout slump, we have some tips that’ll help you get back to the gym and start a healthier lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more!

Set a specific goal

Before you head down to the Lords gym in Subiaco, it’s important to set yourself a goal. Without a specific goal in mind, you can easily fall off the wagon and let your gym membership go to waste.

Some goals that you can set for yourself include losing a few kgs, increasing your lean muscle mass, running a marathon, or reaching your peak performance for that soccer tournament. You should also have smaller, weekly or daily goals like completing a run on the treadmill or a 20 minute yoga session to help you concentrate and stay consistent.

Start slow and vary your workout

Being away from the gym for some time can impact your fitness levels, so it’s important to start slowly when you return to your gym in Perth. You can start with lifting lower weights, doing fewer reps or with a slow jog or walk to get your body back to its original fitness level.

Also, remember to have a varying workout routine in your session so you don’t get bored. Instead of just running, you can have a personal trainer teach you how to do circuit training or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Find a workout buddy

If you find it tough to stay motivated when working out alone, try finding a workout buddy. Hitting a Perth gym with a friend can make your exercise sessions enjoyable since you can help each other with your workouts while supporting and encouraging each other.

Alternatively, you can join a group class and have a productive workout session in a fun and social setting. Lords in Subiaco offers various group fitness classes from indoor cycling to aquatic fitness sessions, all led by our passionate trainers. Most Lords memberships also include group fitness, so don’t forget to do your research if you’re interested in joining a class.

Get a personal trainer

A personal trainer can greatly help you get back into a fitness routine especially if you’re a beginner. They’ll not only guide and motivate you during your sessions in the gym but will also support you outside of your sessions to help you stick to your fitness goals.

If you’re unsure of how to start a gym routine, you can talk to a personal trainer to plan a fitness program to suit your needs. Whether you’re a beginner, recovering from an injury or want to work towards a specific fitness goal, a personal trainer can help you work out correctly and make any gym session fun.

Plan your workout schedule

To make sure you keep to your fitness routine, fit your workouts into your schedule along with your to-do list and other appointments. Schedule the type of workouts you plan to do on a particular day and time. This way, you’ll be able to integrate your gym sessions into your lifestyle and before you know it, you’ll start looking forward to hitting the gym in Perth.

The key to getting back into the groove of working out is to find what works for you at the gym. By setting clear goals, scheduling your workouts and finding the right workout options, you’ll be able to stick to your gym routine and smash your goals.

Contact us at Lords Subiaco if you have enquiries about becoming a member or visit us to kick start your fitness journey!

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