Lords is the proud home of Subiaco Kings Squash Club!

Subiaco Kings Squash Club is Perth's premiere squash club, conveniently located here at Lords.

The club welcomes players of all ages, genders and ability levels. Whether you'd like coaching and support to help you get started or you're ready to find a team to compete in WA Squash pennants, Subiaco Kings Squash Club has got you sorted.

What are the benefits of joining the club?

Members of Subiaco Kings Squash Club enjoy a 20% discount on squash court hire at Lords.

Squash club member court hire rates

Booking type


(After 5pm)

$23.60 per hour ($29.50 for non-members)

​(6am to 5pm)

$18.40 per hour ($23 for non-members)


$11.30 per person

How do I join the club?

For more information or to enquire about joining Subiaco Kings Squash Club, please message club representative Carsten Fredriksen on 0402 087 635 or fill out the enquiry form on the SKSC website.

Social events

SKSC are run a range of social events that are open to everyone, including non-members, with no obligation to join the club after participating in an event. Players of all skill levels are invited to join in, even those who have never stepped onto a squash court before! 

For more information, or to register, visit the SKSC website or contact Carsten on 0402 087 635.

Junior squash 

Are your kids interested in learning to play squash? Come and learn this fantastic sport from Tim Cowell, one of WA’s leading coaches! 

Squash is a great sport for people looking to improve their general health, fitness and hand-eye coordination. It's also very social, providing an opportunity to make lifelong friendships.

To find out more about junior squash programs at Subiaco Kings Squash Club, contact Tim at timcowell89@gmail.com or on 0416 245 811.