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What is basketball at Lords?

Basketball at Lords is played exactly the same way as any other basketball you have played. It is a fast paced game with five players on each team. 

Nights played:

Monday and Wednesday : men's
Wednesday: Ladies'
Tuesday : mixed

Please note: Our earliest games start at 6pm, and our latest games can start at 9.45pm, depending on the popularity of the night.

Competition dates

Summer season : Monday 6 November to Thursday 15 March.

Registrations are now open.

Don't forget: All team captains get a free Lords membership for the duration of the season.

Please note: The summer season has a  two week break over the holiday period. There will be no games on the weeks starting 25 December 2017 and 1 January 2018.

Lords uses an online fixturing program called SportFix for team registrations and fixturing. SportFix is the most advanced online fixturing software available on the market and allows registration payments to be made online by teams at the time of their registration.




Team registration fee – early bird* 


Team registration fee – standard*


Game fee (to be paid each game)


Forfeit fees
Over eight days' notice
Between twenty-four hours and seven days' notice
Less than twenty-four hours' notice
No show

No fee

*Both team registration fees include game fees for the last two weeks of the regular season (weeks fourteen and fifteen). Finals games will still incur a regular game fee to be paid on the night.

Quick facts about basketball at Lords

Games consist of two twenty minute halves with a half-time break.

There should be five players on the court for each team, with at least two female players on the court at all times for mixed basketball.

The clock does not stop for fouls, violations or substitution. Teams are allowed one fifty second timeout per half.


The basketball rules are available for you to download and read below. Please ensure you are familiar with the rules, and have read the information available on the important documents page before the season commences.