Creche Perth

Keep your workout schedule on track while we keep the kids entertained!

 There’s nothing worse than wanting to make your next group fitness class only to miss out because there’s no one around to watch the kids for an hour. Well don’t worry, unlike other gyms and fitness centres we are 100% committed to helping you stay committed to your fitness, and offer a huge range of on-site activities for your kids. 

Lords offers the following activities for children:

Our crèche is a safe, secure, fun-filled environment that allows you to enjoy your workout while our qualified crèche assistants take care of your children. The crèche is available for children from the age of eight weeks to six years.

We run a fun-filled program each and every school holiday for kids six to 12 years of age. Our sessions feature sports, cooking, craft and more, with an active focus in most, to encourage your kids to get moving, learn new skills and most importantly, have fun!

Let us plan your child's ultimate birthday party!