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Social Sports Competition in Subiaco, Perth

Netball, Futsal and Basketball

Season has started! General enquiries are always open.

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Social Sports Competition
in Subiaco, Perth

Netball, Futsal and Basketball

Season has started! Registrations closing soon.


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Running 4 nights per week and offering both women's and mixed competitions, Lords is the place to be for social netball!

Join with your team or as an individual!


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Offering mixed, men's and ladies' futsal competitions across 4 nights per week, this fast-paced game will leave you with sore legs and a smile on your face!

Reister as a team or an individual to meet new people.


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Previously home to the Wildcats, we have the perfect facilities for a thriving mixed and men's basketball competition running 3 nights a week.

Register your team today or jump in as an individual.

Complimentary Lords Membership

For team captains

All team captains are eligible to receive a free Lords membership for the duration of the season.

  • Full access to all member facilities at Lords including the gym, group fitness, pool and sauna
  • Captains must register for the free membership at reception
  • The free membership is available to the team captain as identified on the competition registration form and is not transferrable to any other player in the team.
  • Payments may be suspended for Captains who already have a paid membership at Lords for the duration of the season.

Autumn/Winter Season 2024


  • 15 week season (plus two weeks of finals)
  • Season Start: Tuesday 2 April
  • Semi Finals: Monday 15 July - Thursday 18 July
  • Grand Finals: Monday 22 July - Thursday 25 July

Our Spring 2024 Season will commece Monday 29 July.


Fee Cost

Team registration fee*
*This fee includes upfront payment for the last two weeks of the regular season (not including finals). This means that once you've paid your registration fee, you won't have to pay weekly game fees for weeks 13 and 14. Finals games will still incur a game fee to be paid on the night.


Game fee (to be paid each game) $72

Please click here for further details, rules and documents.

Enquire Now

Individual registrations

Want to join our comp, but don't have a team?

Just Play’s mission is to make it as easy for individuals to play social sport as it is to join the gym, take a yoga class or swim laps in the pool. If you are an individual looking to play social sport but don’t have enough players to make a full team, head to Just Play and they will allocate you to a team!

Looking for court bookings?

If you're looking for court bookings and casual shoots, head here!