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Come and join one of Perth's premier weeknight social sports competitions.

At Lords we are committed to providing a fun, social sporting environment and an enjoyable and exciting competition. We hope you enjoy playing basketball, netball or futsal here, and we wish you all the best for your season!

Registrations for the 2021/22 Summer Sports Season will be open soon!


  • 14 week season (plus two weeks of finals)
  • Season begins 22nd November
  • Christmas break from Friday 17th December until Monday 3rd January (New Years Day Public Holiday)
  • Last week of regular season games to begin 7th March
  • Semi-finals to begin 14th March
  • Grand finals to begin 21st March
Registrations open 25th October, stay tuned!


Fee Cost

Team registration fee*
*This fee includes upfront payment for the last two weeks of the regular season (not including finals). This means that once you've paid your registration fee, you won't have to pay weekly game fees for weeks 13 and 14. Finals games will still incur a game fee to be paid on the night.


Game fee (to be paid each game) $70


Individual registrations

Want to join our comp, but don't have a team?

Just Play’s mission is to make it as easy for individuals to play social sport as it is to join the gym, take a yoga class or swim laps in the pool. If you are an individual looking to play social sport but don’t have enough players to make a full team, head to Just Play and they will allocate you to a team!

Find out more about Just Play

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