Group Fitness

Group fitness

Lords group fitness provides a fun and social atmosphere, with classes for all ages and fitness levels. Our classes give you an opportunity to boost your cardio fitness, strengthen and tone your body, improve flexibility and increase mental clarity.

Lords offers a large and varied timetable of over seventy classes per week with many different styles of class for you to try.


Lords has one of the largest group fitness studios in Perth with eighty sets of SMARTBARS™ (the most advanced weight training bar and weight system), a dedicated cycle studio with thirty five BODYBIKE SMART+ bikes (the latest technology indoor spin bikes from Denmark), and a twenty-five metre indoor heated pool.

Catering for large classes of up to one hundred people, the energetic atmosphere of the main group fitness studio is sure to motivate the body and invigorate the mind, leaving you feeling great with renewed energy to come back again and again!

Lords uses originally recorded music for all classes. Lords pays licensing fees to APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) and PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia) which enables our group fitness instructors to use music recorded by the original artists when they deliver a class. We believe this greatly enhances your workout enjoyment at Lords.

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