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Useful health and hygiene tips to follow at Lords

Useful health and hygiene tips to follow at Lords

17 July 20

Working out is a great way to stay healthy and gyms like Lords provide a wide range of equipment and options to help you stay fit. However, are you paying as much attention to hygiene as you are to your exercise routine?

Even with things being back to normal, practising good hygiene at the gym or any sports centre is always a good idea.

After all, you’ll be sharing equipment and be in close proximity to other patrons at the centre. So let’s take a look at some useful hygiene and health tips to follow when you work out at Lords.

Wash your hands frequently

This should be obvious by now, but make sure you wash your hands frequently; before and after your workout. Using regular soap, lather up your hands and rub them thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds before rinsing well. Dry off with a clean towel or air dry, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have access to soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content. Apply it to your hand and rub it over all surfaces of your hands until they’re dry.

Wipe down the equipment

While we regularly clean our equipment at Lords, it’s always best to wipe down any equipment and mat with a disinfectant wipe or spray before use. This ensures that all surfaces are clean when you use them and gives you peace of mind as well.

Once you’re done, do wipe down the equipment again for the next person.

Avoid touching your face

The main way that bacteria and viruses enter your body is through the openings on your face; your eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore, avoid touching your face during your work out or sports session.

You’ll not only be transferring potentially harmful germs into your body but also get your skin dirty which can lead to breakouts. If you need to wipe away your sweat, use a fresh towel instead.

Protect your feet

When in the public shower and locker room, protect your feet by wearing a pair of flip flops. The damp environment of the showers can harbour germs and bugs, especially if you bring your shoes in.

While we clean all areas of our recreational centre daily, it never hurts to take extra care with your hygiene.

Don't share your personal items

While this is common knowledge, it’s extra important when you’re at a fitness centre. Don’t share personal items such as towels, water bottles, hairbrushes, roll-on deodorant, makeup and any workout gear.

Sharing items is an easy way to transfer bacteria, fungi and viruses between people, so never do this at the gym.

Clean your workout gear

After your group class or gym session, chances are your workout kit will be sweaty. Don’t leave your items lying around in your bag for days. Instead, wash them immediately after you get home.

Don’t forget to also clean your bag by wiping it down with disinfectant and letting it dry properly. To help you wipe your equipment down after your workout, we have placed multiple disinfectant sprays around the centre.

Know when to stay at home

Pay attention to your body when you decide to hit the gym or go anywhere for that matter. If you have a cold or feel you have a fever building up, avoid visiting public spaces and seek medical advice. It also pays to keep a healthy diet by eating plenty of fruits, veggies and drinking enough water so you keep your immune system strong.

Good hygiene should be practised no matter where we are. We hope these tips will help you maintain better hygiene at the gym and give you some peace of mind when working out in public spaces.

With Lords being fully reopened, we’ve had a great first few weeks and are happy that we’re able to help you achieve your fitness goals and have fun at it.

If you have any questions regarding membership or would like to book one of our facilities, just get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the centre!

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