Play Good, Look Great! Design and Win Your Own Jerseys

Play Good, Look Great! Design and Win Your Own Jerseys

Did you know that team sport uniforms have been around since 1849? Prior to that, players would wear their everyday clothing during the game, which was often restrictive. Baseball team, New York Knickerbockers, rocked a long blue woolen shirt with white trousers and a straw hat. With such a tragic combo, no wonder it took until the 1870s before team kits became more popular and standardised; resembling what we see today.

Fortunately, centuries of uncomfortable and questionable sports kits have been trialled, and today we are blessed with breathable stretch-fit fabrics that complement our best features even on the worst of days!

However, we still see some of our social sports teams getting around our courts like it's the late 19th century, and we want to bring you all into 2024 with our team jersey competition.

The Details

We're running a "Design Your Own Jersey" competition for all teams participating in our Summer Sports season. Winners from across three sports will secure new jerseys from the entire team!

Teams are allowed to design a maximum of two jerseys which will then be judged by Lords staff before going out to the public for final votes.

  • Competition Start: Thursday 11 January
  • Competition End: Monday 22 January (inclusive)

How to Enter

Head to to design your jersey/bib/polo.

Choose from:

Make sure you save your design!

The save button can be found in the bottom right corner near the add-to-cart function.

Use your own email address and upon receiving your save confirmation, forward this to 


Once you send your design to Lords, our marketing team will decide on finalists.

From here, we will create voting polls on our Instagram to see which designs are the crowd favourites.

If you win, Lords will purchase the new team jerseys on your behalf.

Looking to get more votes?

Send us your Instagram handle so we can tag you in the polls. Then, be sure to share our polls on your own feed and get your friends and family to vote!

Terms and Conditions

  • We will have THREE winners which will come from the three sports we run. That means we will have a winner from Basketball, Netball and Futsal
  • Each team can design no more than 2 Jerseys/Bibs/Warm up polo of their making
  • All designs will include the Lords logo. Depending on your design, this will be located on either:
    • Left chest
    • Right chest
    • Top Middle of back
    • Lower Middle of back
  • Prize includes up to 10 jerseys per team