Lords Spotlight | Alice

Lords Spotlight | Alice

Introducing Alice!

Alice has been a member at Lords since just before her first child was born in 2021. “I needed access to a crèche, so switched from another local gym at that time. Prior to this, I played social netball on a weekly basis.”

When Alice is at Lords, she can most often be found attending Group Fitness classes, and she originally ventured into the Group Fitness scene around 2008, when seeking a change in her exercise routine. “Instantly, I was hooked. The diverse class offerings provided both variety, and an enjoyable way to enhance my fitness levels.”

The team at Lords have been nothing short of amazed by Alice’s dedication to her health and fitness, especially throughout the pregnancy of her second child. “Staying active is crucial for maintaining my mental and physical well-being, so it's a non-negotiable for me. It provides a valuable opportunity to focus on myself amidst a 21st century lifestyle. Throughout both of my pregnancies I continued training until the day before I gave birth and resumed just four weeks postpartum. This consistency ensured a smooth delivery and rapid recovery, enabling me to keep up with the demands of managing two kids, a dog, and my husband!” What a woman!

Alice’s advice to anyone who might be unsure about coming to Lords is, “For those feeling nervous about visiting Lords for the first time which includes ‘shy, introverted me’, I found it to be one of the best decisions I've made. It's like finding a second family, which quickly made me feel at home and eased any initial apprehensions.”

When we asked Alice to tell us about a favourite memory from Lords, our hearts were warmed to hear, “There are so many memorable moments to choose from; whether it's the exciting fitness launches, the fun Fluro Fridays with amazing people, the inspired music choices, achieving personal bests in SWEAT classes, the rapid response by Lords’ staff to any questions or simply connecting with the variety of interesting individuals who make up our community, it's difficult to pick just one favourite story.”

But what is it about Lords that keeps Alice coming back?

“The strong sense of community at Lords sets it apart. The supportive atmosphere from both staff and fellow members feels more like a family than just a gym. Additionally, the instructors' expertise is top-notch, keeping me coming back for more. I particularly love that anyone from two months to 99 years is welcome and attends!”

If Alice had to sum up Lords in one word, it would be, “Family – captures the essence of Lords perfectly!” and we absolutely love having Alice as part of our Lords family. We can’t wait to see her continue to exceed her goals, both in and out of the gym.

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