Increased opening hours at Lords

Increased opening hours

Increased opening hours

24 June 20

We've had a fantastic first few weeks since our phase three reopening and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your smiling faces back around the centre.

As we move into phase four, we're excited to announce that from Wednesday 1 July we will be increasing our opening hours in the gym, pool, sports courts and café, to coincide with the recommencement of our membership payments.

Phase four opening hours

The updated hours from 1 July will be as follows:


Monday to Friday




5.45am to 9pm

7am to 6pm

8am to 5pm

Gym and pool

5.45am to 9pm

7am to 6pm

8am to 5pm

Court bookings

5.45am to 9pm

7am to 6pm

8am to 5pm


8am to 7.30pm

8am to 5pm

9am to 1pm


8.30am to 1.30pm

8am to 12.30pm


Recommencement of all memberships

On Wednesday 1 July all memberships will resume (unless you have arranged a suspension with the memberships team) including upfront and direct debit membership as well as visit cards.

What does this mean for my direct debit membership?

Our direct debit gateway will reopen on 1 July and your fortnightly payment cycle as per pre-closure will recommence.
Due to the forced closure on 23 March, all memberships were suspended at different points of their fortnightly payment cycle. As each payment covers the fortnight ahead, this means that most members now have pro rata credits equal to the time that was remaining in that fortnight. This credit will be applied against your next scheduled debit.
Please be reassured that you will not be charged for the temporary closure or the recent reopening free period, inclusive 23 March to 30 June.

As these figures and direct debit dates will be different for everyone you are welcome to contact the memberships team if you have any queries:

What does this mean for my upfront membership?

From 1 July your upfront membership will resume. This means that if you had six months left on your membership, this remaining six months will resume on 1 July 2020.

What does this mean for my visit card?

If you are a visit card holder, the expiry of your card will be extended to account for the temporary closure and the complimentary month of June. From 1 July 2020 you will be able to use your remaining visits and your expiry date will begin counting down once again.

Who can I email with my membership enquiry?

If you have a memberships question, please email

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