Cycle studio etiquette

Cycle studio etiquette

Cycle studio etiquette

1 October 20

Recently we've had an increase in demand for our cycle classes. As such, we'd like to take the opportunity to remind our members of six simple rules that everyone can follow to make our cycle classes a great experience for all.

Cycle studio etiquette

  1. We love to know who we have in class. Please book into every class during the 12 hour booking window using the online portal. (Alternately, members may book via the group fitness kiosk at reception up to three hours before class.)

  2. Can’t make it to class? No stress, simply cancel your booking via our online portal, to make sure another member can now take your place.

  3. Please make sure you arrive five to 10 minutes before class to set up your bike and get ready to ride.

  4. We love a full class! Empty seats will be given away at the start of class if a rider hasn’t arrived for their booking.

  5. Need to leave class early? While we recommend staying until the end of class, if you do need to leave early a discrete exit is much appreciated.

  6. We love to see you sweat!  Please make sure you have a towel with you and wipe down your bike and floor area with paper towels and disinfectant. 

Going forward, we will be following up with members who attend class without booking or don't cancel bookings for classes they are unable to attend.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you on one of our BODYBIKES soon!

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