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Avoiding weekend (and festive) binging

Avoiding weekend (and festive) binging

20 November 20

I'm sure many of you spend hours sweating it out and lifting big weights and making great progress in the gym Monday to Friday only to reach the weekend and have everything fall flat by overindulging, which may or may not be followed by a periods of guilt and regret. 

Social gatherings, special events and just needing to let your hair down don't need to undo all your efforts and can still remain enriching and enjoyable moments in our lives. By implementing a few strategies, we can ensure we have a good time without feeling as though we’ve cheated ourselves.

Start each day with a healthy breakfast.

Beginning the day with the right food not only provides your body with nutrients and minerals first thing in the morning, but also makes you less likely to crave unhealthy foods later. A breakfast full of protein and healthy fats (eggs and avocado) and some complex carbs and fresh fruit and vegetables will help maintain steady blood sugar levels, keeping you full for longer and avoiding those cravings.

Keep the unhealthy treats out of the house.

If you feel that you're the type of person who struggles to resist when treats (chips, sweets, biscuits) are in front of you, then avoid this altogether by just removing the temptation and simply not having it in the house to begin with. You can't eat it if it's not there!

For those quiet moments reading or watching Netflix it's nice to have something to nibble on. Opt for healthier options like fresh popcorn, dried fruits and nuts and dark chocolate. Remember, it still pays to be mindful of portion sizes.


Designate a specific time to treat yourself. Rather than your weekend being one big tornado of rich breakfasts, lunches and dinners, pick one specific meal in which to treat yourself and keep the remaining meals healthy.

Learning to eat mindfully can also help. Rather than going to town on your cheat meal, take your time and savour each mouthful to really appreciate the experience. This will also help you feel satiated.

Share your meals.

By splitting entrees and desserts with friends or loved ones you're still able to enjoy a nice meals out while reducing the calories. Also bear in mind that restaurant portions tend to be larger than what we'd serve at home.

Monitor your alcohol intake.

When letting your hair down with a couple of cheeky cocktails, bear in mind that they are essentially empty calories in liquid form. Give yourself a quota (two or three drinks) and break them up with non-alcoholic, lower calorie drinks in between and savour them. Also take into consideration that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration which may drive you towards salty snacks then back to drinking.

Following these simple steps can drastically reduce the effect of weekend festivities on our progress, whilst still allowing us to enjoy the food we love.
- Team Lords


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