Lords group fitness

Group fitness timetable

Lords offers a large and varied timetable of over 80 classes and sessions per week with many different styles for you to try.

With everything from Les Mills favourites like BODYPUMP and RPM, to freestyle sessions such as yoga and aqua – there's something for everyone at Lords! To find out more about the different classes and sessions available at Lords, check out our class descriptions.

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Please note: This timetable does not reflect any last minute class cancellations or timetables for public holidays. This information is available via our online portal.

We are constantly reviewing our timetable to make sure we are offering the best possible selection of class styles, times and session lengths to suit our fantastic group fitness community. If you have a suggestion or recommendation for our health and fitness team, simply fill out a suggestion form at reception next time you're at Lords. 

Registering for a class

Members are required to register for a group fitness class prior to attending. This can be done in one of three ways:

  • ​​Via our online member portal (registrations open 12 hours prior to class).

  • Via our self check-in kiosk in the reception area (registrations open three hours prior to class).

  • In person with one of our friendly team members via the reception desk.

Not a member yet? No problem! You can attend any of our classes as a casual, simply by arriving a little early and checking in at reception for payment.