Volleyball blocking drills

Play indoor volleyball at Lords

We're excited to be adding volleyball to our social sports competition!

Now is the perfect time to avoid the rain and switch from beach volleyball to indoor volleyball for the winter season. With games running on Thursday nights, we can't wait for this comp to get started.

Check out our volleyball fact sheet for more information about playing at Lords. 

Registrations are still open for the autumn/winter season!

Season info:

  • The  season runs until Thursday 22 July, including two weeks of finals. Late registrations are still being accepted. 

  • ​All team captains will get a free Lords membership for the duration of the season!

  • Please ensure you read, understand and agree to our rules, code of conduct and conditions of entry prior to registering for our competition.

  • ​​Volleyball competition games cost $70 per week.

​Competition days and times:

  • We run open volleyball on Thursday nights.

  • Our earliest games start at 6pm, and our latest games can start at 9.45pm, depending on the popularity of the night.