Recreation Centre entry

Change room upgrade project

In mid 2018 Lords began an extensive change room upgrade project that will incorporate the centre's four sets of bathrooms and change rooms as well as minor cosmetic upgrades in the gym.

This page will be kept up-to-date with all the latest news and developments as the project progresses.

Project details

The change room works will include:

  • brand new toilet and shower facilities

  • ​improved locker layouts and

  • improved accessibility

  • new flooring, tiles and fixtures

  • ​the addition of Universal Access Toilet (UAT) facilities

  • general cosmetic upgrades

The gym works will include cosmetic upgrades including:

  • new flooring in the free weights area

  • painting

  • a new gym desk

Latest updates

Keep an eye on this section for the latest news on the upgrade project. Information including water outages, facility closures and other important news will be updated regularly.

  • The final stage of the project is now complete and the pool side change rooms are open for use.

Project timeline

Please note these dates are subject to change. We will ensure that any changes are detailed here as soon as possible.


Details of works

Facility closures



  • Gym improvements and installation of new desk.

Completed: July 

  • ​Conversion of the café bathrooms into one UAT and one unisex toilet. 
Completed: 2 August 
  • Upgrades to the male and female gym change rooms.

September 2018

  • Upgrades to the male and female squash court change rooms.
Completed: December 2018

Stage TWO

  • Upgrades to the male and female pool change rooms

Completed:  20 March 2019


What will the new facilities look like?

The artist impressions of the new change rooms are available for viewing on pull up banners located in the reception area.

Will I still be able to use change rooms/showers/toilets while the upgrades happen?

Yes. The project is being done in two stages so there will always be change rooms and bathrooms available for use throughout the project. Keep an eye on the table above and signage around the centre to stay up-to-date on which change rooms are available for use.

Will the works have an impact on parking?

Yes, the workers will be using a small number of car bays in the Lords car park. While we don’t anticipate there being a large impact on parking, we encourage patrons to leave a little extra time for parking when attending the centre in peak hours. 

Will there be any interruptions to water?

Yes. It is likely that the water will need to be switched off for short periods of time. We will endeavour to notify members on these occasions via the website at least a day or two in advance.

Will there be any disruptions to the gym during the works?

The gym will remain open during the works however there will be periods of time when small sections of the gym will be closed off whilst work is done in specific areas.  The gym equipment will still be accessible, although some of it may be temporarily moved to different positions within the gym whilst the work is done.

Will there be any other disruptions to Lords?

Contractors will be on site and machinery will be used during the project so there will be some inconvenience from the construction work.  The City of Subiaco has made every effort to minimise the amount of disruption to members and customers however the nature of the works means some inconvenience is likely.  The Lords website will be updated regularly to keep members and customers informed.

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