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Get the most out of your gym membership with a Lords personal trainer. An appointment with your trainer gets you into the gym, and their knowledge and enthusiasm gets you working out effectively to achieve results.

Fill out the personal training enquiry form when you're ready to get started.

Why choose Lords personal training?

If you lack motivation or want to fast-track your results, personal training may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Lords provides an encouraging environment to assist you in reaching your individual fitness goals.

All trainers hold a Certificate IV in Health and Fitness (as a minimum) and are registered with Fitness Australia.

Our trainers specialise in:

  • weight loss
  • injury and rehabilitation
  • pre season training
  • pre/post natal exercise
  • one-on-one boxing
  • nutrition and weight management
  • sport-specific training
  • general wellbeing
  • muscle gain and toning.

Everybody is different. A one-on-one relationship with your trainer allows them to fully understand your goals.

Your trainer will personally design a training schedule to suit your body, exercise history, needs and wants, and make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Lords personal trainer profiles


Bec loves the challenge of helping people improve themselves through physical activity and exercise.

Her favourite training methods include combining high heart rate cardio with heavy strength work, as well as running.

Find out more about Rebecca here.



Kat has always had an interest in sports and fitness, and made the decision to study sports science and take up personal training after competing and coaching at a state level in track.

Kat enjoys strength and conditioning and circuit based workouts, and believes working out should always be enjoyable.

Find out more about Kat here.


Stuart has been in the sports, fitness and health industry for six years, beginning his time in a gym and progressing into the realm of professional sport.

Stuart likes to keep fit through traditional strength training based around the major functional lifts. 

Find out more about Stuart here.



Mitch’s interest in fitness came in his early twenties after taking up boxing to lose weight. He then moved onto powerlifting and strength training and ten years later decided to change careers and turn his passion and hobby into a full-time endeavour.
Find out more about Mitch here.



Pete’s interest in the fitness industry began when he turned 20. He began training with the goal of competing in an IFBB bodybuilding competition.

He has since turned this passion into his core business.

Find out more about Pete here.