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Training indoors for running

Training indoors for running

23 July 18

 When you're first starting something it is really frustrating when things out of your control make it harder for you to keep on track. Especially in winter, the rain can really put a dampener on your running program.

Here are some tips on things you can do at the gym to keep that momentum going when you can't get outside for your run.


  • An incline of 1-2% can simulate the intensity of running outdoors, so push it up!

  • Intervals are a great way to build up your cardio fitness and also keep things interesting when inside.

  • Recreate your favourite running circuit inside. You can create your own custom workouts and intervals on the treadmills in our gym.

Don't limit yourself to just the treadmill! There are heaps of other things you can do in the gym that will help you with your performance.

Cardio Equipment

The rowing machine, cross-trainer, bike and hand grinder will all get your heart-rate up if you push yourself to the right intensity.
Having a 'pace-mate' is really helpful for beginner runners and is just as handy at the gym. You could bring along a friend and do a circuit of each of the machines? You'll be surprised at how much more you'll give when you're competing.

Weight training

Weight training is super important for runners of any level.
Increasing your strength will help you with your endurance, reduce the impact on your joints and will help protect your body from injury.
Don't be afraid to pick up those weights!

and now stretch

Stretching is another important aspect of your training.
Having good flexibility will help with recovery from intense training,  protect you from injury and you'll have a greater range of motion and ease of movement that will help you train for longer.

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