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Picking your pace-mate

Picking your pace-mate

7 August 18

When starting on any project, professional or personal, all of the most successful people in the world all have one thing in common. They all attribute their success to having a mentor or partner who helped them stay on track, pushed them to be better and helped keep them motivated.
Whether you’re running competitively, trying to beat last year’s PB, or just starting out – it is really important to get yourself a ‘pace-mate’.
A pace-mate isn’t just someone to walk, jog or run with. A pace-mate will help you be better, hold you accountable, and will be encourage you to reach your goals.
So what makes the perfect pace-mate?

A straight talker

Find someone you’re comfortable with and can talk to when you’re unmotivated. That also means that you’re fine with them “telling you how it is”.

Positive and driven

Your pace-mate isn’t that friend who twists your arm to go to the pub instead of the gym. Your pace-mate will encourage you to stick with the plan.


You need to find someone that is reliable, so it’s really important to actually ask your potential buddy if they’d like to be your pace-mate. Work together on a plan and make it official. Diarise and commit to your sessions.


A pace-mate with a higher level of skill will challenge you and help move your progress forward. Remember, they started out somewhere too, so will have an understanding of how to help you get through that slump.


Your pace-mate shouldn’t be your boot camp leader. Reaching your goals should still be enjoyable, so find someone that can still have a laugh.

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