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Yoga class instructors

Lords has a team of highly experienced yoga instructors – Bec, Clare, Michelle and Bill.

The instructors will occasionally cover each other's classes and other instructors are brought in when they are unable to teach. See a description of their style of yoga below.


Yoga style: vinyasa flow and yin

Bill teaches two styles of yoga: vinyasa flow and yin style, with a focus on target areas and power options to challenge your balance strength and intensity. Vinyasa flow means the postures naturally lead from one to the next.

When Bill teaches yin yoga, he is providing you with a slower practice, targeting joints and myofascial tissue by holding postures for longer. Bill's classes are suitable for all levels.


Yoga style: vinyasa

Bec has been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaching consistently since 2004. She has taught in many different environments and to all ages and abilities.

Bec’s style, if it is to be labelled, is general vinyasa. Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga where the movements are typically smooth, flowing and inherently married to the movement of the breath.

No class of Bec’s is ever the same. Sometimes the class will be strong and dynamic and more vinyasa based, at other times emphasis will be on opening in a more gentle or static manner. Some aspects of class don’t change though – they are cultivating the intention to remain present, to incorporate breath work, to initiate movement with the breath and to be technically well aligned.

Bec likes to break down postures technically (she talks!) so that hopefully you leave class with a knowledge of why you perform a posture in a particular way so you can eventually develop your own safe personal practice.


Yoga style: mind-body awareness

Michelle's yoga classes are based on over ten years of practice, study, research and teaching, combined with a background in biomedical science, ayurvedic medicine and various other health modalities.

Michelle encourages our innate ability to heal (svabhavo parama vada) by the connection of mind, body and soul (yoga). The connection can be refined through the development of mind-body awareness (8 limbs & Patanjali's yoga sutras). With this awareness, transformation at any level (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual) relevant to each individual, becomes possible.


Yoga style: balance and healing

Clare teaches a style of healing, energizing and balancing yoga, in a class of postures and breathing through flowing & dynamic movement.

An individual may develop strength, stability and flexibility in body and mind to use in their daily life.

View timetable for all our regular yoga classes here.