Yoga in Lords Subiaco

Yoga classes at Lords

Yoga classes at Lords

25 February 20

Did you know that each of our amazing yoga instructors teach a unique style of yoga?

Our three instructors, Gina, Bec and Mavra, have each developed their approach through years of teaching and their classes will reflect this personal style. Each of our instructors provide options in their classes to suit everyone, from beginners through to advanced participants. 

Yoga with Gina – Mondays from 5.15pm (60 minutes)

Gina teaches Hatha Vinyasa style yoga. In Gina’s class you will use flowing sequences of postures that are synchronised with your breathing. These flowing sequences will work to harmonise and calm your mind and body.

Yoga with Bec – Wednesdays from 8.05am (75 minutes)

Bec teaches a slower, alignment based class that includes brief pranayama and meditations.She has a focus on posture and alignment education. Bec loves for participants to take class at their own pace and to place emphasis on how they feel within postures to get greater insight into their habits and holding patterns. Some days will be stretchier, others will place more emphasis on strength.Bec believes in the importance of longevity in practice rather than attainment of particular poses.

Yoga with Mavra – Sundays from 11.40am (75 minutes)

Mavra teaches a creative, fluid yoga practice, stemming from many styles and traditions. She believes a teacher should strive to inspire and empower students into developing a truly personal yoga practice, to deepen self-knowledge and boost confidence in one's body and mind.

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