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Sports survey results

Sports survey results

At the conclusion of the summer sports season we conducted a survey with our teams to find out what you like  about the competition at Lords and most importantly, what areas we could improve in.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. The feedback we received was incredibly helpful and will assist us in making important decisions about our competition in the future.

We were very pleased to hear that majority of respondents were happy with the nomination process and associated communication, the information and accessibility of the website, the speed of payment at reception and the Lords café. Majority of respondents also indicated that they would recommend the Lords sports competition to others.

We also noticed some clear areas where there is room for us to improve. Below we have detailed what these areas are and how we intend to address them.
  • Availability of information and time taken to respond to enquiries – We are looking into ways to improve our internal processes to ensure response time improves. We have also recently redesigned our website to make it mobile-friendly, meaning it will be easier for you to access competition information on-the-go.
  • General umpiring standard – We have undertaken a review of how we manage our umpires’ development, to increase the level of communication and support for our umpires, and ultimately improve the consistency and standard of umpiring at Lords.
  • Quality of equipment – We have allocated funds to replace game balls before next season, as well as to repair court netting, and we will continue gradually replacing old soccer goals. An upgrade to sports court floodlighting is also set to begin shortly.
  • Accessibility and cleanliness of toilets and change rooms – We have recently appointed a new cleaning contractor. We appreciate any feedback regarding issues with cleanliness around the centre, so we can pass it along to the contractor.
Hopefully we have addressed your immediate concerns about our sports competition and we will endeavour to continue to improve. We look forward to seeing you play at Lords in the future.

Please feel free to provide any additional feedback to 

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