Group Fitness

Queen's Birthday public holiday

Queen's Birthday public holiday

Lords will be open from 7am to 12pm on Monday 25 September for the Queen's Birthday public holiday. Day members are also entitled to visit Lords between 7am and 12pm on the Queen's Birthday.

Café: Closed

Crèche: Closed

Sports: Competition running as usual

Group fitness:

  • 9am – Aqua with JoAnne

  • 9.30am – BODYPUMP™ with Wendy

  • 9.30am – RPM™ with Suzi

  • 10.30am – SH'BAM™ with Wendy


  • 7.30am – Fit 1 and Fit 3 with Gretchen

  • 8.30am – Life 1 and Core 3 with Sharron

  • 9.30am – Fit 4 and Punch 2 with Jac

Speak to your TRIBE team trainer for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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