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July promotion

July promotion

This July, we're upgrading all our day members to full memberships for the duration of the month. Day members can now enjoy unrestricted access to the gym, group fitness, pool and spa for free for the whole of July.

If you're not a member but looking to take out a day membership, join now and you can also enjoy full access throughout July.

Be sure to make the most of this special offer!

Terms and conditions:

  • This promotion is for day members only. Please note that members purchasing a day membership in July will also benefit from the full access. All membership access will be adjusted accordingly and ready to begin 1 July.

  • Full access starts from 1 July, or date of membership purchase, whichever is later.

  • Normal discounts apply to this promotion (i.e. day memberships purchased at a seniors card rate will still have full access for the duration of July).

  • Full members are not entitled to any discounts, free time, or any perceived ‘value’ as a result of the upgrade that day members receive. This promotion is directed at day members only.

  • Full members on direct debit may not reduce their membership to a day membership during July. No exceptions. Anyone who wishes to reduce their membership to a day membership must do so after 1 August and will be charged the full member rate for July, regardless of times of attendance.

  • Normal restrictions apply to the use of the gym, group fitness, pool and spa (i.e. regular opening hours, pool use restrictions and group fitness class times).

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