Free yoga

Free yoga

11 June 19

Celebrate International Yoga Day with a free sixty minute lunchtime class.

When: 12.30pm to 1.30pm, Friday 21 June
Where: The main group fitness studio, Lords Recreation Centre
Cost: FREE

All levels are welcome and there will be some yoga mats provided for those who don't have their own. There is no need to book ahead of time, simply check in at reception prior to class on Friday.

What style of yoga will the class be?

Group fitness instructor, Mavra will be taking Friday's free yoga class. Mavra teaches a creative, fluid style of yoga, stemming from many styles and traditions and suitable to everyone.

Mavra provides safe guidelines and a wide range of options for each posture to suit your needs and benefit you best. She believes a teacher should strive to inspire and empower students into developing a truly personal yoga practice to deepen self-knowledge and boost confidence in one's body and mind.

Please note: 12.30pm RPM will be cancelled on Friday 21 June for one week only.

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