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Exciting changes

Exciting changes

15 November 18

We're excited to share our news.
Next week, Lords will be implementing new Leisure Management software – Envibe. This is the software that manages our memberships, our point of sale transactions and many more interactions that we may have with you in your visit to Lords.
The new software takes advantage of modern technologies which will help us provide you with an enhanced customer service experience

What will you notice from next week?

  • We will improve the way we communicate with you. We will have the added benefit of being able to send notifications via email or SMS alert, i.e. group fitness changes and public holiday hours, in order to keep you up to date.
  • The switch from monthly direct debits to fortnightly will commence for all applicable memberships.
    • Please note: If this is applicable to you and you wish to have your payment schedule organised for a certain day of the week (e.g. to fall in line with your salary), please advise the memberships team by calling on 62296600 or emailing and we will contact you to arrange your new schedule.
    • Please be aware that the change in payment frequency does not affect the cost of your membership, it will simply be paid over twenty-six fortnights instead of twelve months.

What will you notice over the coming months?

  • Access to an optional simple self- managed Kiosk to streamline the sign in process for group fitness. Our goal is to deliver effortless convenience for you.
  • Greater online functionality to make it easier for you to do business with us.
  • No more locker keys! Members will be able to use a RFID (radio frequency identification) wrist bands to access lockers.

One thing that won’t change is the friendly smile and great customer service you get at our reception counter and across all of our service areas.
We will keep you updated as much as possible as we add more components to the system over the next few months.
Thank you in advance for your patience as we strive to offer you the best experience possible.

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