Kylie Gates is back at Lords

Kylie Gates is back at Lords

18 July 19

The amazing Kylie Gates will be in town in August, instructing nine classes at Lords as part of Workout for Water.

Workout for Water raises funds for the charity UNICEF – helping to build solar-powered water systems in Ethiopia. Find out more about Workout for Water here.

Join Kylie for the following classes:

Sunday 4 August


Tuesday 6 August

  • 8.45am BODYPUMP

  • 10am CXWORX

  • 10.30am BODYBALANCE

  • 5.30pm BODYPUMP

Wednesday 7 August


Friday 9 August


Saturday 10 August

  • 10.30am BODYPUMP

  • 11.30am BODYBALANCE

Kylie will bring a donation tin to all her classes at Lords. Alternately, you can leave a donation online here

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