Socializing in Lords gym

Bring a friend for free

Bring a friend for free

24 July 20

Thursday 30 July is International Day of Friendship, and we're celebrating by inviting all our lovely members to bring a friend along to the gym or group fitness session for free.

Mark it in your calendar and get ready to work out with a mate next Thursday!

Terms and conditions:

  • Any current Lords member can bring one non-member friend to Lords to attend the gym and/or a group fitness class on Thursday 30 July 2020.

  • There is a maximum of one friend per member, but no limit on time in the gym or number of group fitness classes attended.

  • Casual attendees (the free non-member friend) may not use the pool, except for pool based group fitness classes (aqua and swim squad).

  • Regular group fitness booking procedures must be followed. This means the member must pre book online, via the kiosk or at reception prior to class and the non-member friend must pre-book at reception prior to class.

  • Standard membership and casual use terms and conditions apply.


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