Active Nation Day

Active Nation Day

9 September 19

Sunday 29 September is Active Nation Day and to celebrate, we're offering FREE group fitness all day!

Earn one entry into the draw to win a Lords and Lorna Jane prize pack for each class you attend. Attend as many classes as you'd like to increase your chances!

Our group fitness timetable for Sunday 29 September is:

  • 9am RPM (50 minutes)

  • 9.30am BODYSTEP (60 minutes)

  • 10.30am BODYPUMP/CXWORX (combo class, 30 minutes each)

  • 11.40am Yoga (75 minutes)

Get your friends together and get ready to get moving!

About Active Nation

Active Nation Day is an initiative started by Lorna Jane in 2012. It's a day where we come together to reprioritise our health, wellbeing and happiness by simply getting active. As global obesity and preventable disease rates continue to rise, we need to take action. Lorna Jane believes that we all need to take a moment to recognise and prioritise our health, as individuals, as a community and as a nation.

Find out more about Active Nation Day here.  

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