Access control

Access control

3 April 19

On Wednesday 27 March 2019, works commenced on the installation of access control gates in our gym and pool areas. This installation was planned to make visiting Lords a more streamline experience for our members and visit card holders.

The purpose of the access control is to provide a fast, easy to use system to allow members to quickly access the gym and pool without the need to report to reception.

The new gates have now been installed at the gym and pool doors and use a combination of RFID and bar code readers.

Once the gates are turned on, members will be able to scan in using their existing RFID fobs or wristbands, while casual entrants will receive a bar coded ticket when they check in at reception. The gates will soon be able to scan fobs, wristbands or tickets and admit people automatically, so long as their membership or casual entry ticket is valid.

Once the new system is turned on, members will no longer need to check in at reception prior to going to the gym or pool.

FAQs about the new access control system

Why is Lords installing access control?

Having access control will allow members to enter the gym and pool areas without needing to check in at reception. This will reduce waiting periods and the need to queue at reception prior to your workout.

It will also provide facility management with accurate data of what areas customers are utilising at particular times, to allow us to provide a better service.

It will also ensure that all people using the gym and pool are authorised to do so, therefore providing better security for members and staff.

Will I still need to sign in or speak to main reception?

Members and visit card holders will no longer need to visit reception prior to working out in the gym or pool. Simply head directly to the gym or pool areas and scan through at your convenience.

Of course, you’re still more than welcome to stop by the front desk and say hi to our reception staff!

Please note that check in via reception or the kiosk is still required for all group fitness classes.

Will staff be able to let me in if I forget my fob/wristband or if it won’t scan?

Yes, if you forget your fob or wristband our reception staff will be able to let you through.

Is there any reason the gates would deny access?

If there is an outstanding amount on your account or your membership is currently suspended, the access control gates will not let you through.

If this occurs, the access control screen will display the details of the issue and you can visit reception where the staff will assist you to rectify the issue.   

If I need to scan out to go to the change room/drink fountain/my car once I have scanned in, will I be allowed back in when I return?

Members will have unlimited access (within the terms of their membership) and can scan in and out as they please.

If you are a casual user or visit card member, you will need to ask a staff member to scan you back into the gym or pool area.

I don’t want to hold my fob while exercising.  What can I do?

All members have the option to upgrade from a standard fob or key tag to a waterproof RFID wristband free of charge. These come in two sizes and also operate the new lockers.

We also provide pigeon holes in the gym where you can store your belongings.

How long will I have to go through the gate before it closes?

Safety is high on the agenda for this particular speedgate design.  IR beams monitor movement at the gate to ensure the lane is clear before the barrier attempts to close.  If the barriers sense an obstruction, they will stop moving until the way is clear, so you will always have ample time to make it through the gate.

How do I exit?

The gym exit gate will have a sensor and will automatically open when you approach it.  The two controlled pool doors have a ‘Push to Exit’ button.  When you press this button, the lock will release and you may exit.

How do I enter if I am a casual user?

If you are a casual visitor, simply check in at reception to pay for your visit as you do currently. You will be issued with a single use receipt with a barcode. This receipt can then be used to scan into the gym area.

If you need to leave the gym or pool area during your visit, you will need to ask a staff member to scan you back in when you return.

How do I enter if I am a visit pass holder?

If you are a visit card holder, you can proceed straight to the gym or pool area and use your fob or wristband to scan through the gate. You will then be able to leave and re-enter the same zone for one hour without incurring a second visit.

If more than an hour has passed and you need to leave and re-enter the same zone, you will need to ask a staff member to scan you back in when you return to avoid incurring a second visit.

If you wish to visit a different zone you will incur a second visit, e.g. if you leave the gym and enter the pool area, this will count as a second visit.

What happens when I attend a group fitness class in the pool or gym?

To check into a group fitness class, please visit reception or use the group fitness kiosk. Here you will be presented with a single use receipt with a barcode. This receipt can then be used to scan into the gym area.

Please make sure you use this receipt rather than your fob or wristband when attending a group fitness class.

Other questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact Lords on 6229 6600 or email Alternately, please speak to a member of the gym team next time you're at Lords.

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