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2017 City to Surf

2017 City to Surf

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Team SubiFit – Powered by Lords Recreation Centre.

This year, take the plunge and join the SubiFit team for the 2017 Chevron City to Surf for Activ.

The SubiFit team is open to everyone in the Subiaco community. Whatever your ability, whichever distance you choose, we're going to take on the event together!

There's still time to join our team, but be sure to get in quickly, so you don't miss out!

How much does it cost?

  • 4km walk, run or wheelchair – $65

  • 12km walk or run – $75

  • Half or full marathon – Please contact Lords on 6229 6600 to find out more.City to Surf

What is included?

  • Entry into the 2017 City to Surf – and we'll pick your race pack up for you!
  • A SubiFit team t-shirt 
  • A training plan and personal fitness appraisal
  • Entry into the SubiFit marquee at the finish line
  • Food and drinks after the event
  • Massage after the event
  • 20% off shoes and running apparel at The Running Centre
  • A discount on a MYZONE heart rate monitor at Lords
  • Personal support through a team Facebook group

Register now

Register on the City to Surf website and a Lords staff member will soon be in touch to organise payment. Don't forget that we'll pick your pack up for you, so select that you want to collect your pack (don't get it delivered) and we'll sort that out for you!

Please contact Lords on 6229 6600 or at for more information.

Frequently asked questions

When do registrations close?
Registrations for team SubiFit close on Thursday 24 August at 4pm. Please be aware that if you register outside the early bird period (closing Friday 21 July) you might not receive your requested shirt size, as they will be ordered in advance.

I have registered for the half marathon or marathon, can I still join the team?
Yes but you will need to register yourself (make sure you join the SubiFit team) and pay $22 for the extra benefits. You will receive all benefits except a training plan.
When will we receive our shirts and participant pack?
At the shirt presentation evening at the Lords Recreation Centre café on Friday 25 August.
What do I do if I can’t attend the presentation evening?
You will have to come into Lords Recreation Centre to pick up your shirt and participation pack on 25 or 26 August.
My friend isn’t a Lords member; can they still join the team?
Yes, the SubiFit team is open to everyone and we encourage non-members to join.
I’ve already signed up to the City to Surf, is it too late to join the SubiFit team?
Not at all! You simply need to pay $22 at Lords and we will add to the SubiFit team on the City to Surf website and you can get involved.
Will there be transportation to or from the event?
No, you will need to arrange your own transportation.
How do I know where to find the marquee after the event?
We don't have an assigned location for our marquee yet, but it will have a large Lords banner to make it easy to identify.
Do children have to pay?
Yes, it is $24 for the 12km and $22 for the 4km. All children must pay, even if they are in prams. A child is classified as a person fifteen years or under. You can register your child on the City to Surf page and join them to the SubiFit team. Children do not have to pay the additional $22 unless you would like to purchase a shirt for them.
Do I call to pay as soon as I have registered?
No, a Lords team member will phone you. 
If I do not want a training plan can I register at a discounted price?
No, the price is non-negotiable.

I want to do a more advanced training program and/or train with a group. Where can I go?
We would recommend the Front Runner training groups. You can find out more about these programs on the Front Runner website.

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