20 days for $20

20 days for $20

2 January 20

What change do you want to make in 2020?

Whether you want to lose weight, multiply your muscles or find your fitness, you can make it happen this month at Lords!

During January, you can get a 20 day membership for just $20 at Lords. That’s 20 days of unlimited access to the gym, pool and group fitness classes, all for just $20!
Head to our online membership portal to sign up today. Get ready to make your change.


Terms and conditions:

  •  This offer is available for purchase from Monday 6 January to Tuesday 31 January 2020.

  • This offer is for new members only (Please note: for the purpose of this promotion, a new member is anyone who does not currently hold a valid Lords membership.)

  • Memberships start from the date of purchase (whether online or in person at Lords) and expire 20 days after.

  • This offer grants the member access to all facilities including gym, group fitness and pool, as per a regular full membership.

  • No suspensions or extensions are available on this promotion.

  • No initial referral benefits apply to this promotion, however if a referred customer renews prior to the expiry of their 20 days (for a 12 month upfront or direct debit membership) referral benefits will apply.

  • No  further discounts apply to this promotion.

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