TRIBE Team Training

TRIBE Team Training is the latest small group training sensation!

TRIBE Team Training is an exciting new small group training program. Lords is one of the first fitness centres in Western Australia to offer the program.

With teams of no more than ten members, TRIBE provides all the individual, targeted attention and motivation of personal training – and is more affordable too!

Current season – Season four 2017

Registrations are now closed for this season. 

  • ​Season four started on Monday 19 June and runs to Sunday 6 August.

Upcoming season – Season five 2017

Registrations are now open for this season!

  • The free trial weeks starts on Monday 31 July. Speak to reception today to reserve you spot.

  • ​Season five starts on Monday 7 August and runs to Sunday 24 September.

  • View the season five timetable (PDF 122KB).

TRIBE is fantastic value at $175 per season (excluding TribePUNCH) for members. With fourteen sessions per season, it comes down to just $12.50 per session! 

Please note: participants must pay for the season in full before season commencement.

The programs

Tribe Fit

TribeFIT is a strength and endurance HIIT conditioning program designed for any  committed individual, regardless of experience or fitness, making it the ideal fitness regime.
FIT will increase your strength and endurance, burn fat and calories and produce functional, full body fitness results leaving you looking and feeling amazingly fit!

Tribe Core

TribeCORE is intelligently designed to bring toning, strength, stability and power to your core.

CORE trains the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles to leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs. CORE incorporates flexibility and stability training to achieve structural longevity and powerful, pain-free movement.

Tribe Life

TribeLIFE is a low impact functional exercise workout designed to ensure you achieve all your exercise needs to be fit for life.

LIFE uses low impact functional exercises that are non strenuous on the joints. LIFE will ensure you maintain the correct intensity needed to decrease body fat, increase energy levels, achieve cardiovascular fitness and increase functional strength.

TribePUNCH is a powerful boxing and kickboxing workout focused on fitness, skill, and mental toughness.

PUNCH is specifically designed to give you agility, strength, fitness and fighting skills creating a greater confidence within and a lean toned body. It guarantees to help you build power, endurance, and mental toughness ensuring fast measurable results.

PUNCH is different to the other programs in that teams have a maximum of six members, meaning coaching is even more personal! Due to this added value, the price of TribePUNCH is slightly higher, at $245, however, this is still excellent value at just $17.50 per session.

How it works

TRIBE programs run for seven week seasons and contain two fifty minute team workouts each week. You complete the whole season with the same team.
Each season consists of six weeks of training followed by a recovery week. Team members must sign up for the program as a whole seven week season. There is no casual attendance.

The programs are designed so that TRIBE members never repeat the same workout twice, either within a season, or from one season to the next, ensuring team members achieve better results. 

Please fill out the enquiry form below if you have any further questions about TRIBE.